Finches Soft Drinks Rebrand

The Finches soft drinks rebrand was one of the most satisfying projects we’ve handled in all our years in business. We knew from our wealth of experience in soft drinks packaging design that the chance to rebrand such an iconic, well loved and extensive range comes along once in a blue moon. There are thirty eight products in total, spread across a variety of market segments, so maintaining consistency was our highest priority. The brand is well known so we made sure we didn’t alienate existing consumers. To that end, we kept the finch image and retained black as the brand colour.

Uniquely within the Irish beverages market, the brand exists as both a convenience soft drink for teenagers and as a range of on-trade mixers for older consumers. We needed to develop a design which bridged these two markets. This was our solution: to build a design around a common element – the black shield. On the youthful products this floats on a clear background giving it lift and movement; on the on-trade mixers, the shield is integrated into the overall die-cut, anchoring it and giving it a conservative feel. We think the solution is an elegant one. We also increased the level of black; developed an exciting new logotype and introduced a series of atmospheric illustrations for the mixers.

Finches soft drinks rebrand

Finches soft drinks rebrand - 500ml range

Finches soft drinks rebrand - Full range