Kepak Gold

Kepak Gold is a meat brand with a a less than trendy proposition – it’s not grass-fed. We’re used to seeing images of cattle grazing freely in the Irish countryside accompanying the message, ‘grass-fed Irish beef’. It sounds great and it is but not everyone wants it. In Italy, the most desirable beef is ‘grain-fed’. Indeed many grass-fed Irish cattle are transported on-the-hoof to Italy to be finished on grain. Grain fed beef is consistent and can result in extremely high marbling. Kepak Gold is a grain-fed Irish beef product which caters to this market. Our job in re-branding it was to express these qualities clearly. We built the ‘grain fed’ line into the logo. We kept strictly to a palette of golds, tans and browns using the natural substrate of the packaging to give the brand a modern, authentic quality. The logo has a strong, authoritative quality, the marque is a nod to the old Irish shilling, a play on the ‘gold’ name.

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