McCambridge Gluten Free Porridge

John McCambridge is an iconic Irish brand, synonymous with traditional stone-baked bread for half a century. When the opportunity arose to work with them, we jumped. We were delighted to discover that this staple of the Irish shopping basket comes from a very progressive company. They invited us to stretch their brand to a product which was not just new for them, but ground-breaking in Irish retail.

John McCambridge Gluten Free Porridge Oats is unique on the market. There are other ‘gluten free’ porridge products but none that offer this level of supply-chain guarantee. This is a reassuring feature for the gluten intolerant. It was important to us that these unique selling points were clearly communicated so we developed a colourful ‘tab’ system to highlight the features. This stands out against the simple solid green background. One of our top priorities was to leverage that green McCambridge brand colour as much as possible. The band is trusted, the name well-known but the new product would be merchandised far from its brand stable-mates so it was crucial consumers make the connection.The round product shot is also simple but dramatic.

The back of pack is a simple contrasting beige colour with strong ‘natural’ cues. The unvarnished print finish reinforces this natural feel. Finally, on front and back, we highlighted the uniquely recyclable pack substrate – a first for this format in Ireland. We developed the sub-brand, ‘mála glas’ to help make this resonate with consumers.

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