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John Stone Brand Development

Once the initial fanfare of a launch has quietened, some brands consider the process to be complete. We believe at that point we’re only getting started. A launch can be seen as an introduction, continued brand development allows our clients to build on the initial momentum of launch, develop relationships, deepen connections and build trust. Having created the brand for John Stone Beef (details here), we looked at ways to extend their presence into their customers’ daily lives. By providing genuinely useful and desirable assets for their businesses, we could solidify John Stone’s position as not just a supplier but a partner to chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers and fine foods merchants. Amongst the range of goods we designed and sourced were bespoke Irish beech menu boards, sleek, magnet clasped sample boxes, traditional printed butcher’s greaseproof paper and letterpressed certificates of authenticity framed by hand to gallery specification. One of our favourites is a truly beautiful steel barbecue set produced Maniago, Italy, the ‘city of knives’ where artisan blacksmiths have been crafting steel since 1453. With each and every item we took our lead from John Stone himself,  combining traditional craft, state of the art technology and sustainable production techniques.