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Prototypes & Mockups – (some) trade secrets revealed

Prototypes & Mockups – (some) trade secrets revealed

Great packaging design doesn’t happen on paper. We believe realistic, 3d mockups are the only way to judge if our packaging is really hitting the mark. As such we always insist on working in three dimensions from the very beginning of each project. The closer we can get to the final commercially produced item right here in the studio, the better.

The way in which these mockups are made and the techniques we employ vary enormously. It’s simply a matter of choosing the right tool for the job. The traditional art school supplies of scalpel, cutting board, double sided tape and Spraymount adhesive can create quite impressive results. In addition to those we also have a variety of an in-house equipment including a CNC cutter/plotter and colour laser printer whereby we can produce colour accurate prints on a variety of substrates in house, and produce even the most intricate die cuts.

Once in a while we’re asked to create not only the outer labelling or pack, but also the container itself. Using sophisticated 3d modelling software, we can design, model and refine prototypes such as bottles, flasks, tins and boxes. These are then sent to our 3d printing partners to produce highly accurate, presentation quality mockups.

Only a few short years ago, the process of custom packaging was prohibitively expensive to all but the most established producers. By using these new techniques however, we can streamline the process, eliminating much of the time and guesswork involved.

When one of our clients recently asked us to create a new signature glass bottle, we made this short video showcasing the groundbreaking new clear plastic prototype.


If you have a branding project in the pipeline and need presentation level mockups, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at info@designformarket.ie or call +35316798809