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Tipperary Water

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water is Ireland’s only award winning water, having accumulated a world record ten gold medals in its twenty five year history. We were delighted to have the opportunity to redesign one of Ireland’s best brands. This was a revolutionary redesign; the previous design had performed poorly and there was little apart from the colour palette worth keeping. We looked to previous incarnations of the brand and restored the Rock of Cashel as a central feature. We developed a graphic but highly recognisable illustration of this and developed a logotype which was sturdy and legible with an understated Irish feel.


Because Tipperary Kidz had been performing well before the redesign it was important to keep the equitable elements of the existing design. This meant refining the bubbly, colourful ‘Kidz’ logotype and integrating the new Tipperary brand as an endorsement. A line extension into flavoured waters and accompanying POS materials followed the new design closely.


When we redesigned the Tipperary brand we made sure the ‘dining out’ range had the requisite premium feel. The design follows the already quality look of the convenience range but is printed on a metallic substrate and complimented by a neck label emblazoned with the gold medals.